Questions and Answers

Why are all of the MacKinnon’s students required to take a ballet class?

Ballet is the basis for all good dance technique.  Centering, port de bras (carriage of arms), balance, deportment (the look and carriage of a dancer), leaping, gliding, darting, all of the vocabulary of dance movement is addressed in a ballet class.  MacKinnon’s students do not just learn jazz or to tap, they learn to dance – and dance well.

Can we come into the dance studio to observe our children?

MacKinnon’s has observation once a month for children ages 3 through 12 during the first class of each month.  We open our curtains and allow parents to observe the classes and note the progress of their dancers.  During the rest of the month, we close our curtains to prevent distractions.  For older dancers, the classes may be observed at any time, provided it is not distracting to the instructor or dancers.

How long does it take to learn to be a good dancer?

Each child is unique and special in his/her own way.  There is no accurate way to predict how long it takes to develop a dancer.  Some children jump right in and study hard, others may just attend classes without much interest.  Those who study hard and love dance, will do well.  It all takes time and is a process of development.

Do you accept adult students?

YES!  In all subjects, and at all levels.  You are more than welcome – beginners through professionals!

If I just want to try a class, do I have to pay for it?

Yes.  Please refer to the tuition rates page for current rates.

What is the best way to choose a dance school?

Visit the school(s).  Observe classes that interests you.  Notice whether the instructors are engaged with the children/adults and whether the instructors seem professional.  Then, and this is important, ask to observe the MOST ADVANCED classes in the school.  If you see real dancers – SIGN UP!  This is the school for you.

Do you give private lessons?

Yes.  We encourage you to take class, where you will learn more by observing others and interacting with fellow dancers.  However, we do special choreography and private lessons for more advanced dancers and for an additional fee.  All private lessons must scheduled at the studio's front desk and are available depending upon instructor and studio space availability.  

My boy wants to dance, but we are meeting resistance from family. What should I say to them?

First educate them a little about well known male dancers.  Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, all of the old timers in the movies.  Check out ballet for them to watch with Mikhail Baryshnikov, for example, ‘Sinatra Suite’, choreographed by Twyla Tharpe.  Most people will agree that some of the finest dancers have been men.  Masculine, strong, athletic men.  Relate dancing to sports;  jumping, leaping, and running are all required from dancers.  Great athletes will become more flexible and stronger with dancing lessons!

Does MacKinnon rent studio space?

Yes.  MacKinnon’s does rent studio space depending upon availability in our schedule.  Rates vary depending on the time of day and duration of class or workshop.  If you are interested, please contact Joy MacKinnon directly.