Our Mission

  • Providing a high quality and comprehensive dance experience.
  • Providing a safe environment where dancers are encouraged to express themselves through dance and movement.  This will ultimately lead to self-esteem and enhanced poise and confidence.
  • Begin and end our classes on the day and time advertised.
  • Provide knowledgeable, caring, and professional dance educators for each scheduled class.
  • Produce a show each year in July.  All dancers are invited to participate, but participation is not mandatory. 

Our Philosophy

  • Dance IS for everyone.
  • Dance is a remarkable activity, unlike many others you or your children may pursue.  This stunning art form addresses our humanity from a most basic and instinctive level.  Every culture known to mankind has danced.  Many cultures can be identified simply by looking at a picture of one of their dancers.  In addition to the obvious health benefits of perfecting balance and developing musicality and physical agility, dance teaches both grace and discipline.  These last two will help define and guide your child’s attitudes through all areas of life.
  • The creative processes involved in dance should not be restricted to those with pre-determined physical characteristics.  There is great therapeutic value to be gained through being comfortable in your body and moving fearlessly through space.  Right brain functions are nurtured and enhanced by dancing!  Dance can provide all who partake, a new and exciting dimension through movement, music and challenge.

Parent Information

  • Help Us Lead Your Child Towards a Positive Experience in Class
  • Please guide your child in recognizing that dance class requires focused attention.  Our 3 & 4 year old dancers will enjoy structured lessons which are based on developing both spatial awareness and artistic skills.  Counting and alphabet are combined with the identification of colors, rhythms, and sing-a-longs.
  • Teach your child to respect the dance educators through the use of appropriate behaviors.  Dancers do not speak out of turn, argue, gossip, or chew gum during class or in the studio.  Teachers should always be thanked after classes.  (The teachers thank the students also.)

Prompt Arrival & Preparedness

We begin and end or classes on time.  We want our child to be in class each and every week;  prepared with the proper attire, hair secured nicely up and in a bun, and dance shoes.  This way, they are ready to learn about the wonderful world of dance and music.  If you must be late, inquire at the desk as to whether you may enter the classroom.  Be aware that permission for late arrivals is not always granted.  You may make up any missed lessons.  Always knock on a CLOSED classroom door and wait for the music to stop before entering. 

We Want Our Parents To Know

Our once a month observation day is also tuition day.  The first class of each month!  Please come to the studio to observe your child.  Parents of 3 & 4 year olds must stay at the studio to be available to take their children to the restroom.  Watch our newsletter, MACKINEWS, for information and updates about what the “buzz” is around our school, outside performances, and other newsworthy items.

We Kindly Request

  • A telephone call, letter, or email if your child is absent from two (2) consecutive classes and tuition has a balance due.
  • Your presence at all important studio functions, meetings, and special celebrations.
  • Encourage your child to wear dance shoes indoors only.  Not only does this protect and help keep the studio floors clean – it will prolong the life of the dance shoes.

MacKinnon Dance Academy WiFi Agreement & Disclaimer

You are about to access the Internet through a wireless internet access node (the “Service”) operated by MacKinnon Dance Academy.  The purpose of this service is to provide free public wireless internet access to students and families of MacKinnon Dance Academy.  You may use the Service only if you agree to MacKinnon’s terms of service each time you access the service.  Terms of Service are posted in the lobby.  Please see Front Desk Staff for more information.